The History of Glatton in Cambridgeshire

Historical notes about the town of Glatton in Cambridgehsire.

The Parish of Glatton

The village, which is rather scattered, surrounds a four-sided figure formed by roads, upon which converge by-roads from Lutton and the west by High Haden Road, from Denton on the north, from Holme on the north-east by the Ways, which branches off from Ermine Street, from Sawtry on the south-east, and from Gidding on the south-west by Infield Road. The church and rectory house are within this figure. To the north-west of it is the Manor Farm, in the grounds of which are the remains of a homestead moat which was probably the site of the old manor house, and in the 14th century and later possibly the residence of the Castels. There are many 17th-century houses and cottages in the village, mostly timberframed with tiled or thatched roofs. The Addison Arms Inn, on the Sawtry Road, is a late 17th-century brick house with shaped gables and tiled roof. Glatton Hall, a brick house standing in a small park, is the property of the Peterborough and District Co-operative Society. Glatton formerly included the hamlet of Holme, but even in the 13th century Holme was beginning to show a certain importance of its own, and early in the 19th century it became a separate parish; its history is therefore given separately.

Victoria County History - Huntingdonshire Published in 1932